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Regional Karate Chairman duties and Responsibilities
The National Sport Chair shall coordinate the activities of the Regional Karate Chairman. The National Karate Chairman, with the advice of the Executive Committee, shall appoint the Regional Karate Chairman on a biannual basis. It is the aim of the USSSA National Karate Program to have an USSSA Regional Chairman in each of the Regions to represent the USSSA National Committee.

Regional Chairman will execute the following duties
  • Properly answer any questions concerning the USSSA Karate Program for the USSSA.
  • Assist the States chairmen within their Region in organizing quality tournaments and seminars.
  • Conduct and coordinate Regional Championships.
  • Develop and conduct, with the approval of the National Karate Committee, Karate competition in none participatory areas in an effort to grow the program.
  • Conduct State Championships within inactive States within their Region.
  • Conduct any Regional and/or National aspects of the Program on behalf of National USSSA Karate Committee.
  • Coordinate the sports programs of the States to ensure that the best interest of the sport is served.
  • Ensure compliance of the Rules and Regulations of the National USSSA Karate Committee.
  • Promote Karate throughout their Region.
  • Recommend Clinic Administrators to the Executive Committee from your region.
  • Ensure that the local States conduct annual championships in accordance with the guidelines of the National USSSA Karate Committee.

Technical Advisor/Rules Committee's duties and Responsibilities

The Technical Advisor / Rules Committee shall be a direct working body within the National Committee. The purpose of this committee shall be to consider and adopt competition policy and competition rules. Representation: The National Sport Chair shall appoint the Chair of the Technical Rules Committee. The Technical Rules Committee will consist of the Regional Chairmen, the National Chief Referee and the Chairmen of the top ten States by number of registered members.

National Chief Referee duties and Responsibilities

The National Chief Referee will work directly with the National Sport Chair. The National Chief Referee (NCR) will work closely with the Official's Program Administrator (OPA) to insure the highest quality of officiating within the Program. It shall be the responsibility of the NCR to continually evaluate the education and training of all USSSA Karate Officials and to continually make recommendations to the National Sport Chair as to how we may enhance that training through innovative, educational programming.
Together with the OPA, the NCR shall also be responsible for supervising the official's staff at all national competitions. The NCR is also charged with developing relationships with other National and international Karate Programs and to broaden and facilitate officiating opportunities for USSSA Athletes and certified officials abroad

Official Program Administrator's duties and responsibilities

The Official Program Administrator will work directly with the National Sport Chairman and the National Chief Referee. The Officials Program Administrator will work directly with the Clinic Administrators from across the country to process information about those that have attended clinics. Maintain a database of information about Officials and Coaches that will be used in order to conduct local, regional and national competition. Work with Clinic Administrators (CAs) to insure that they are given the information and materials that are needed to train the most highly informed Officials in the country. Update the Officials Database with information on attendance and upgrades of Officials at local, regional and national competition. Compile a list of those that are certified for use by those conducting sanctioned events. Work with the National Executive Committee to make sure that the Officials' Program is being run effectively. Prepare Official Badges and Coaches Passes with ID photos for those that register to participate in National Events.

State/Zone Karate Chairman purpose & function

It will be the responsibility of the USSSA Karate State Sport Chairman to disseminate information about USSSA Karate for the purpose of growing USSSA Karate in their respective States and to conduct annual State Qualifying events. This annual event will qualify competitors to compete in the USSSA Karate National Championship. They will provide support to their Regional committee to foster growth and development in their region.

National Director

Adrian Ellis
P. O. Box 5210Winter Park, FL 32793
Fax 407-386-9788

National Administrator

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Technical Advisory Council

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Executive Committee

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National Coaches Committee

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National Rules Committee

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National Referee Committee

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Region 1

  • Niagara
  • Adirondack
  • Metropolitan
  • New England
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut

  • Region 2

  • Middle Atlantic
  • Maryland
  • Potomac Valley
  • Virginia
  • Western Pennsylvania

  • Region 3

  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Southeastern

  • Region 4

  • Florida
  • Florida Gold Coast

  • Region 5

  • Hawaii

  • Region 6

  • Central Indiana
  • Ohio
  • Kentucky
  • Lake Erie
  • West Virginia

  • Region 7

  • Wisconsin
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • Iowa

  • Region 8

  • Missouri Valley
  • Ozark
  • Oklahoma
  • Arkansas

  • Region 9

  • Gulf
  • Southwestern
  • South Texas
  • West Texas
  • Southern

  • Region 10

  • New Mexico
  • Arizona
  • South Texas
  • Colorado
  • Utah

  • Region 11

  • Montana
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Wyoming

  • Region 12

  • Inland Empire
  • Pacific Northwest
  • Oregon
  • Snake River

  • Region 13

  • Southern Pacific
  • Central California
  • Pacific Southwest
  • Northern Nevada Pacific

  • Region 15

  • Puerto Rico
  • Virgin Islands

  • District Area District Contacts Address Phone Email
    2 New England
    3 Adirondack
    4 Niagra
    5 Connecticut
    6 NY Metropolitan
    7 New Jersey
    8 Middle Atlantic
    9 Maryland
    10 Potomic Valley
    11 Western PA
    12 Virgina
    13 North Carolina
    14 Florida
    15 Southeastern
    16 Indiana
    17 Ohio
    18 Lake Erie
    19 Michigan
    20 Wisconsin
    21 Central
    22 Ozark
    23 Arkansas
    24 Southern
    25 Gulf
    26 Southwestern
    27 Oklahoma
    28 Missouri Valley
    29 Nebraska
    30 Minnesota
    31 Montana
    32 Colorado
    33 Southern Pacific
    34 Utah
    35 Inland Empire
    36 Pacific Northwest
    37 Oregon
    38 Pacific
    39 Hawaiian
    40 Iowa
    41 Kentucky
    42 New Mexico
    43 South Texas
    44 Pacific Southwest
    45 Georgia
    46 Central CA
    47 West Texas
    48 Arizona
    49 Southern Nevada
    50 Florida Gold Coast
    51 West Virgina
    52 North Dakota
    54 South Dakota
    55 South Carolina
    56 Alaska
    58 Wyoming
    61 Puerto Rico





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