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The ESPN Coaches/Instructors Fundraising Program is proud to partner with the United States Specialty Sports Association Over the past eight years,
the Coaches Fundraising Program has helped raise over $12 million dollars for participating teams across the country! This program is one of the
easiest and most profitable magazine fundraisers available!
In need of new uniforms or equipment? Are you looking to attend an out of town tournament and need funds to cover traveling expenses? If you answered YES to any of these questions, this is the fundraising program for you!2

  • No minimum to sell!
  • No inventory to keep!
  • Sell 2-year subscriptions to ESPN The Magazine for $40 and KEEP 75% of the profits upfront. THAT’S $30.00 FOR EVERY $SALE!
  • Keep all the money upfront!
  • GET IN THE GAME and register for FREE information on the ESPN Coaches/Instructors Fundraising Program! There is no obligation so Click Here to sign up today!
  • Unbeatable profit – Keep• 75%!

Getting Started8
A successful fundraising program is easy when you follow these helpful HERSHEY’S candy fundraising tips. If you’ve never planned a fundraiser or if you need to improve your next fundraiser, use the following information to plan a profitable and rewarding fundraising program that starts by first asking for HERSHEY’S!

Establish a Fundraising Goal

  • Determine what the group’s expenses will be for all programs.
  • Determine how much money the group will need to raise by subtracting expenses from amount of money in group’s treasury.
  • Increase goal based on number of sellers, passion/response for programs, time period.

Name a Chairman or Captain. Consider Someone Who:9

  • Is reliable.
  • Has the time available to see the program through to completion.
  • Has good organizational, motivational and communication skills.
  • Has an amiable personality.

Organize a Fundraising Committee

  • Select one adult per ten children.
  • Maintain a list of members and their phone numbers.
  • Assign one person to be responsible for collecting the money.
  • IMPORTANT: Review Safety Tips with all sellers.

Decide What HERSHEY’S Products, When and How to Sell Them

  • Choose the HERSHEY’S Products you want to sell. View the products page for choices.
  • Select a start and end date for your fundraising event (candy sales typically last two weeks).
  • Avoid holding your fundraising event during a holiday.
  • Choose a HERSHEY’S distributor and ask for the HERSHEY’S product you want to sell.
  • Remember HERSHEY’S assortment candy carriers convert to counter displays for offices and businesses. View the incentives page for more information.

Promote Your Fundraising Event

  • Print out a promotional sign to display with your HERSHEY’S candy carrier.
  • Distribute printed flyers around the neighborhood, at grocery stores and malls.
  • Solicit free radio or TV advertising.
  • Print an ad in the community newspaper.

Collect the Money!!!!!!





Fundraising has become a fact of life for nearly every school in America as well as other organizations that need to bring in extra money. Whether your group needs additional funds for special trips, to pay for equipment or to help subsidize scholarships, Otis Spunkmeyer has just the solution for you. It’s called Otis Easy Direct-to-You fundraising program. . It’s a turnkey solution for helping schools and organizations make more money with an item that everybody loves: fresh-baked cookies.
With over 30 years of helping companies build their profits with cookie dough, we know what works. Because everyone loves cookies, cookie dough is one of the most popular fund raising products and Otis Spunkmeyer is the #1 cookie dough in fundraising
We Support your fundraising program with posters, order forms, sell sheets and all of the tools you’ll need to put on the best, most successful fundraiser ever.
Plus, we take the pressure off you, the fundraising coordinator, with our outstanding customer service and support. No one else in the industry has Direct Ship Delivery where a friendly Otis representative will:
Deliver your cookie dough in tip-top condition in a colorful Otis freezer truck
Stage and organize the product b flavor in the location of our choice
Confirm your order12
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